Post drilling, we can have one of our qualified construction/completion field supervisors work with an operator on an interim/progressive reclamation plan for the lease and access. This would include site and debris cleanup, slope stabilization, subsoil and topsoil re-contouring and distribution, and woody debris management. Stable, non-erosive stockpiles will be constructed in a manner to control weeds and invasive species. The appropriate teardrop and access for fluid management will be designed and constructed.

An operator may require a well to be abandoned, and lease cleaned up for liability management purposes. DHECL can manage the entire project from performing the required testing, downhole abandonment, cutting and vent capping, and back-filling the bell hole. An environmental assessment will be completed; spills and staining sampled and analyzed (tracking and disposal of contaminated soils at an approved facility). The lease will be re-contoured to original topography. The topsoils will be re-spread, lease seeded, and woody debris utilized to encourage natural recovery.

DHECL has managed this type of operation from both an operator perspective and from a consulting perspective, the common theme is doing it correctly.