Dale and Mike have been involved in the production business throughout their careers and will continue to do so. Mike Williamson has successfully managed 850 bbls /day for a small oil company in conjunction with his consulting business. Dale Miller’s experience is on the operator side, thereby DHECL can offer a unique thought process to the consulting business.

Given an opportunity to review your wellfiles and assess your current operations, we believe we will be able to provide a suggestion or recommendation for optimization of your asset(s). If we are not able to make any efficiency recommendations then at least you have the ability to say you have had a third party production optimization audit completed.

Given the vast knowledge DHECL has in this field, you may want to consider us managing your day-to-day operations and assets. We look forward to discussing this opportunity.

DHECL can provide qualified field production contractors for well startups, troubleshooting, facility commissioning, etc…